Supplies & Permanent Equipment

Any organization that is granted SORF funding MUST submit all required documentation within 30 days of the funded event/activity/purchase date. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a forfeit of the organization’s SORF allocation.

All reimbursement packets must include:

Organization Fund Disbursement Voucher

  • SORF may only reimburse the entity that makes the payment.
  • Treasurer must sign form unless treasurer is getting reimbursed. If treasurer is getting reimbursed, president must also sign.
  • For student payees: Address must match address in Enterprise.
  • If a portion of the amount is coming from a source other than SORF, indicate the amount and source.
  • Click here for this form.

SORF Expenditure Request Form

  • Not every category must be filled in, only the categories that you utilize.
  • Ensure all amounts are accurate to what SORF has allocated.
  • Double-check your calculations.
  • Click here for this form.

How did you pay for your items or services?

Paid with personal funds and/or RSO external bank account

If items/services were paid with personal funds or an RSO off-campus bank account, please provide a detailed and itemized copy of the receipt or invoice. (documentation of estimations prior to items purchases or services rendered will not serve as an acceptable form for proof of purchase)

In addition, the organization will be required to complete and submit the Student Organization Payment Method Form for Reimbursement. These forms can be found at the front desk of the RSO Office or by clicking here. A Vendor Banner Number is required if the payee is not affiliated with the University of Illinois System. Not a Vendor of the University of Illinois? A completed Vendor Form will need to be submitted to be setup as a vendor of the university. Access the Vendor Setup & Update website.

Paid with RSO Account via a transfer to a University department or unit

If the items/services were paid via a charge to your on-campus RSO account, please provide a detailed and itemized copy of the receipt or invoice.

Requirements for Specific Reimbursements

  • Letter of Agreement or Contract: Use own form or one available here.
  • If there is travel to be reimbursed, please see “Travel”
  • Automobile/Bus: Directions and Roundtrip Mileage(Google Map or MapQuest)
  • Ticketed Transport: Travel Receipt or Invoice
  • Lodging: Itemized Bill
  • For international travel: International Travel Form and statement showing insurance charge
  • Receipt or Invoice
  • Receipt or Invoice
  • Copy of Publication/Communication showing SORF Identifier
  • Receipt or Invoice
  • Copy of License/Royalty or Proof of Permission to show/perform
  • Receipt or Invoice

All expenses must be in compliance with University of Illinois, the Registered Organizations Office, and SORF.

SORF allocations are NOT automatically transferred into the RSO account. The organization’s treasurer must initiate the payout process following policies and procedures set by the Office of Business and Financial Services and SORF.

If expenses are paid from an organization’s outside bank account, the account must be set up as a vendor in the University Banner system in order for reimbursement to be processed. A Vendor Information Form must be completed and submitted with required documentation. Once a Banner Vendor Number is assigned, always include that number on future paperwork in order for payment to be processed to the outside account.

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