Forfeiting SORF Allocation
Failure to submit appropriate documentation to collect on SORF allocation within 30 days of the funded event/ activity will result in an automatic forfeit of your SORF allocation.

The treasurer will have 10 business days to respond to inquiries from the Registered Organizations Office and attend to problematic issues related to SORF expenditures. Failure to do so will void expenditure request and SORF funding will be forfeited.

Organization must inform SORF immediately of any cancellation of activities, events, or items, for which funds were allocated. An email must be sent to with the subject line FORFEIT SORF ALLOCATION in the text of the email, the following information is required:

  1. Organization Name
  2. Treasurer Name and Email
  3. President Name and Email
  4. Funding Period
  5. Funding Category
  6. Description of Event or Activity
  7. Amount Organization is Forfeiting and Why

This will allow the SORF Board to manage their budget and redistribute funds to other organizations. Failure to notify SORF of funds that are no longer needed may negatively impact subsequent SORF applications.

If there is a monetary award associated with an event or activity that you are requesting SORF funds for, you must choose either utilizing SORF funding or receiving the award. You can not receive both! If you choose the cash award for your organization, you must inform SORF about forfeiting your allocation as instructed above.

If an organization does not abide by guidelines and restrictions or any other policies SORF allocation may be revoked.

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